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Perfect Cosmetics Volcanic Lightning Mud Mask Review & Usage

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)

Hey readers! Sorry for being missing in action for quite some time from writing. Last month, I visited Dubai and purchased quite a few sample sized skincare products from there and a jumbo size face mask. I had read some good reviews about the Perfect Cosmetics Volcanic lightning mud mask. I have an oily skin that needs clean up quite often otherwise it bursts into acne. So, I have resorted to buying my own products and taking care of my skin instead of visiting parlors too often. Let us read in more details about how the Perfect Cosmetics Volcanic Lightning mud mask fared for me…

Perfect Cosmetics Volcanic Lightning Mud Mask Review

Product Name: Perfect Cosmetics Volcanic Lightning Mud Mask

Price and Quantity: INR 200 for 300 ml.

Ingredients: Please refer to the image.

Volcanic Mud Mask review, swatches and ingredients

Shelf Life: 18 months from the date of manufacture

Availability: The product is available online but the shipping cost might add up a good additional charge to the original cost.

Packaging &  Appearance: This face pack comes in a tub packaging. The tub had a protective foil initially. Each time you dispense this product, use a spatula or spoon to pick up the required quantity.

Volcanic Mud Mask how to use

The cap needs to be rotated to open or close.There is a label that goes around the product which contains all the product related information. The off White colour of the product is visible through the tub.

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Consistency: This face pack has a thick and creamy consistency. Upon drying, it gets dry but due to presence of minerals and moisturizers, it does not stretch out your skin.

Fragrance: It has a mild and mellow fragrance with faint floral notes. It fades away after a couple of minutes.

Swatch: Please have a look at the image.

Volcanic Mud Mask swatch

How do I use this face pack?

I use it after washing my face with a mild face wash. I use my fingertips to spread it over my face in an upward and outward direction. It takes roughly ten minutes to dry up totally. The best part is that this does not make your skin feel stretchy.I use this face pack thrice in a week in order to lighten the pigmentation on my face. I wash it off using lukewarm water, once it is dry.

My Experience: The consistency is such that it spreads very smoothly on face. It takes its own sweet time to dry completely. After regular usage, I have observed that not only does it work to clear out my complexion but also removes excessive oiliness since this is clay based. This face pack can be used all throughout the year, even by dry skinned beauties that it does not strip away the moisture from my skin and does not get stretchy upon drying.

Volcanic Lightning Mud Mask

This face pack helps to cleanse, tighten and tone out my skin by opening the clogged pores, allowing the essential nutrients to seep in and lightening the uneven patches and pigmentation on my skin.When you apply it, initially it stings lightly and then leaves a mild cooling sensation on your skin.


1. Easy to use
2. Creamy consistency
3. Pleasant smell
4. Does not stretch out skin or make it moisture deprived
5. Clears out complexion with regular usage


1. Stings in the initial few minutes of application because of presence of active astringents

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 4/5

Will I repurchase?

I would love to repurchase it but sadly, the shipping cost makes no sense to me. If I happen to visit Dubai again I am sure to carry back loads of these with me.

Do I recommend?

Yes, it is a multipurpose mask suitable for all skin types. But do a patch test before application.

Overall Summary: Perfect Cosmetics Volcanic Lightning Mud Mask is a good face pack for girls with all types of skin. It makes your skin tone more even and removes extra oil from your face mask. It deep cleanses facial pores.

So, girls would you like to give it a try?

~ Apoorva Bhandari

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