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TRESemme Free Straightener Styling Kit Review

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

​Hi guys! Today, I am going to be sharing my views on the hair styling kit by Tresemme. I think it was launched for the first time about 3 years back. Then, I had tried to get my hand on it, well because hello free straightener?! But couldn’t purchase as it was just available online. Mostly, it was out of stock. But nonetheless, I finally have it! They have been reintroduced for the second time, I guess. By no means, I was going to let it go again. Today, I am going to be sharing TRESemme Free Straightener Styling Kit Review.

TRESemme Free Straightener Styling Kit Review

Also, if you’re wondering where I got it from, fortunately it was available in a local grocery store. But it is also available on Amazon here.

Let’s talk about the content of the package. In the TRESemme hair styling kit, you will get a shampoo, conditioner and alongside you will get the free straightener. There is also a manual with instructions on how to use the straightener. You’ll get:

1. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo, 580 ml
2. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner, 190 ml
3. Orbit Straightener A190
4. Manual

TRESemme Straightener Styling Kit Review

Let’s talk about the price and quantity of this hair styling kit. The shampoo retails for INR 440 for 580 ml whereas the conditioner will cost you INR 216 for 190 ml.

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I checked the Internet for this straightener and it’s available online for INR 700 on Amazon here.

Now coming to the straightener, the first thing I noticed was that it is quite small. That surely does make it travel friendly and easy to carry around in your purse or pouch.

But at the same time, it becomes tedious and little difficult to work with this straightener. I tried this yesterday and since I have kind of medium hair, it was a little inconvenient for me.

TRESemme Free Straightener Styling Kit

Just because it is tiny, you have to take small sections of your hair and be more patient while working around. This does make it a time consuming process.

Soon, I am going to get a haircut and switching back to short hair. I did a poll on my Instagram (@jhalli.diva, make sure to add me there!) whether I should go from medium to short or grow my hair! Most of the people voted for the former. I also prefer short hair, especially in summer.

I feel this straightener is good for bangs and short to slight medium hair. If you have long hair, then this not for you. But if you have long hair with cute bangs, then this baby is for you!

TRESemme straightener is convenient for travelling or at times when you just want to fix your hair real quick. It would have been lot better if it had a battery option too.

How to use?

1. The white part of the straightener is where you need to place your hair.

2. It is plug system based, so you do need an electrical point.

3. Make sure your hair is completely dry before proceeding.

4. Separate your hair into small sections. The thicker your hair, the more sections as your each section need to be small enough to fit within the provided area (2 inches).

TRESemme Free Straightener hair Kit Review

5. Run the flat iron from as close to roots as possible to the tips of your hair. Do this few times til you get your desired result.

I also tried my hand at curling with this TRESemme free straightener! I will say it did a decent job. It is good for soft curls which is kind of okay-ish.

Keep in mind, I’ve naturally straight hair with tends to get wavy.

TRESemme Straightener Styling Kit


1. Works decent
2. Good for bangs and short hair
3. Travel friendly
4. Free ;p
5. Individual straightener costs 700 online


1. Not battery based
2. Quite small
3. Not suitable for long/curly hair

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 3.5/5

Do I Recommend?

Not for long/curly hair beauties.

Overall Summary: Considering it is free and you’re not paying 700 bucks for the Tresemme straightener, I do think it is a good buy. Works well for bangs and short hair. If you have long or curly hair, then you can surely skip it. Else, if you love TRESemme and won’t mind a stock, then this can be your pick.

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