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Sivanna Colors Pegasus Brilliant Gold Matte Lipstick Review

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)

The first glance at the Sivanna Colors Pegasus Lipstick made my heart jump due to its eye catching and sparkling beautiful design. I have never used a Sivanna lipstick before, so I am pretty much excited with my the purchase. This Sivanna range is also special as they are the exact copy of Christian Louboutin Rouge lipsticks which is still a dream for me. Being a pink lover, selecting pink was my first choice. Let’s get on with the Sivanna Colors Pegasus Brilliant Gold Matte Lipstick Review..

Sivanna Colors Pegasus Brilliant Lipstick Review

Product Name: Sivanna Colors Pegasus Brilliant Gold Matte Lipstick in Crown shade 9.

Price and Quantity: It will cost you Rs. 400 for 4.5 g of the product.

Availability: It is available online.

Ingredients: Checkout their official website for the same.

Sivanna Colors Pegasus Brilliant Lipstick

Shelf Life: It is 5 years from the date of mfg.

Claims: In the image below.

Sivanna Matte Lipstick Review

Packaging and Appearance: This is one of the product which is attractive both from outside and inside. It comes in a rectangular black cardboard packing on which brand name, design of lipstick, ingredients and other details are written. As I opened the box, the golden shaped lipstick bullet with crown cap looked super beautiful. The bullet material is made of good quality and has scale design all over it. The cap shuts tightly and opens with little push.

The cap has small round loop on top and can be used to hang anywhere. I had to twist the bullet to take the lipstick out. I am literally in aww with the whole golden look which seems rich and posh. I can easily identify this brand from my lipstick stash. The color of the lipstick is not mentioned on the bullet hence all the golden bullet looks alike from outside. I had to open the cap to select the color.

Swatch: In the image below.

Sivanna Colors Gold Crown Lipstick Review

Smell: The Sivanaa lipstick has a mild floral smell which is very soothing to my senses.

How To Use: I opened the bullet and twist the lipstick out. Then I outline the product on my upper and lower lips. I apply first from central bottom lip and smear to both sides in circular way. Then I apply to full upper lip. I press both the lips together to get even coat. For darker pink, I apply 3-4 swipes.

Sivanna Pegasus Brilliant Lipstick

My Experience: Sivanna brand has surprised me with its beautiful and inexpensive range. The first thing I noticed about this product was its gold packaging and shape of the bullet. This lipstick shade is totally compatible with my skin tone and gives a very refreshing look.

The shade is vibrant yet glamorous which brightens my face instantly. The gorgeous lipstick is cool for summery breezy afternoons or a day date. This lipstick feels very light on lips as if nothing is applied. My lips do not feel dry, cakey or flakey.

Sivanna Matte Gold Lipstick Review

The best part is Sivanna has variety of lipstick range to choose from according to one’s skin tone. This shade is long lasting and highly pigmented. I am free from reapplication hassle. This has becomes one of my favorite lipsticks.

Shade: It is a bright nude pink shade.

Texture: Sivanna Colors Pegasus Lipstick has smooth and silky texture which glides very easily on my lips. It has hydra shine and gloss delicate texture. My lip does not feel dry or flaky after application. Lips remains hydrated and moisturized for very long duration.

Transfer Proof: It is waterproof and smudge proof. The lipstick does not bleed and transfers very little on tissue. When I remove it, a little pink tint remains.

Sivanna Pegasus Brilliant Lipstick Swatch

Pigmentation: It is highly pigmentation just the way I wanted. I do not feel the need to apply 2-3 swipes as one swipe is enough to get gorgeous lips.

Long Lasting: The Pegasus is long lasting, for more than 5 hours and then gradually fades leaving pink stain.


• Gorgeous golden packing
• Travel friendly.
• Smooth, soft, and creamy texture
• Smudge proof and waterproof
• Lips do not feel dry and remain hydrated
• Long lasting
• Easily available online
• Budget friendly
• Many shades to choose from


• Shade is not given on bullet

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 4.75/5

Will I Repurchase?

I am seriously impressed with Sivanna brand and would like to repurchase this particular shade and maybe try others too.

Do I Recommend?

YES, the beautiful shade from Sivanna which sparkle like a gem on my face is this one. Its a must have in makeup vanity. I 100% recommend to buy this shade unless you want to miss something extraordinary.

Overall Summary: The Sivanna Colors Pegasus Lipstick is amazing and fulfills all criteria which a lipstick lover would love to have. Frankly I am in love with this particular shade 9. The brand has done full justice to what it claims. From creamy rich texture to waterproof quality, from cost effective to high pigmentation, this product is pure bliss to have. I just have these words to say to you – Wear it, own it and flaunt it.

Swati Bhargava

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