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Plum Natur Studio ALL Day Wear Kohl Kajal Review, Swatch & EOTD

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)

One of the most essential part of my life and the thing I cannot live without is my kajal aka kohl. I just love to flaunt deep dark kohl eyes everyday. My one of the recent purchase is the Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal in the shade black after listening the hush-hush praises of it. Trust me, I have tried many kajals, probably more than anyone has, but after this purchase, I am not looking back. This kohl is 2-in-1 kajal + liner and 100% vegan and preservative free. Let’s get started with the Plum Natur Kajal review.

Plum Natur Studio Kajal Review

Product Name: Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl in the shade black.

Price & Quantity: It retails for Rs 495 for 1.2 g.

Availability: It is easily available online. Buy here to save more than 100 bucks.

Ingredients: You can find the complete list on their official website.

1) Hydrogenated castor oil – hydration and nourishment
2) Rice bran wax – effective moisturizer providing creamy effect to the kohl
3) Natural vitamin E – full of antioxidant properties

Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kajal

Shelf Life: 3 years from the date of manufacture.

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Packaging & Appearance: The kohl comes in a triangular carton box with purple and white color combo. The brand name, ingredients and all the information is written on the box. There is a line to cut open the box.

The product comes with a free black sharpener enclosed in a white box. The kohl comes like a pencil stick and I need to sharpen it once it gets finished. I am purely happy that I don’t need to buy sharpener separately.

Buy Plum Natur Studio Kohl Kajal

Fragrance: The product has no smell.

Swatch: In the image below.

Plum Natur Studio Kohl Swatch

How to Use?

1) When I am using the product as liner, I gently pull my upper eye lid down and place the kohl in center. Then I start applying the Plum kajal on the waterline first from the center towards outside and then later towards inside to get a smooth symmetrical look.

2) When I use the product as kohl, I gently pull my lower eyelid down and apply on the lower lid. One swipe is all I need to apply perfectly.

My Experience: I was already in love with this awesome kohl the moment I first used it. For a die-hard kohl lover like me it’s a boon as I can use it on my both upper and lower eyelid. Single swipe imparts rich black color. I faced no skin irritation, infection, or redness.


Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal

The jet black color makes my eyes so beautiful that I am totally addicted to it. It’s water resistant, long lasting, and preservative free. The look of gel eyeliner can be achieved perfectly with one smooth swipe. This kohl takes care of even sensitive eyes and is very creamy on the application.

Shade: The kohl comes in the shade black.

Texture: It has creamy texture. Its rich and smooth texture glides very smoothly on the lower lid and water lining without any tugging or stretching. It gives black matte looking eyes. The lightweight formula makes it ideal for daily use.

Smudge Proof: The Plum kajal has a waterproof and smudge proof formula which makes it non transferable and ideal to wear on sweaty days too.

Pigmentation: The product pigmentation is very good and beyond imagination. I only need one swipe to get those deep intense looks.

Plum Natur Studio Kohl Kajal Eye Swatch

Long Lasting: The product is very long lasting power and stays couple of hours long as liner and kohl. One stick last more than five months too.


  • Beautiful and subtle packing
  • Smooth, soft, and creamy texture
  • Glides very easily
  • Smudge proof and waterproof
  • Enriched with vitamin E and natural ingredients
  • Long lasting more than 14 hours
  • Non oily and non greasy formula
  • Dermatologically tested and 100% vegan formula
  • One stick last more than five months
  • Comes with its own sharpener


  • A lot of product gets wasted during sharpening

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 5/5

Will I Repurchase?

This is the best kohl I have encountered so far so heck yes, I will buy again and again.

Do I Recommend?

It is really good and fulfills all the claims. My eyes look pretty all day long without the worry of reapplication. I would 100% recommend this product to all the kohl lovers.

Overall Summary: I have fallen in love with Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal in black. Its deep dark black color and creamy texture gives eyes the bold intense look. The water proof, smudge proof, 100% preservative free, and long lasting quality are exceptional. Its usage as kajal cum liner makes it a hot seller. The most impressive part is that single stick can last more than 5 months when used daily. What more can we can ask for!

~Swati Bhargava

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