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*New* PAC Long Lasting Kohl Pencil Review & Swatches

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2018)

PAC is always launching new stuff, I feel. Anyways, I was looking for a good kohl on a budget on Amazon. I noticed the PAC kohl and I’ve seen PAC people promoting it on Instagram. So, thinking of giving it a try, I purchased it in March and today, here is the *New* PAC Long Lasting Kohl Pencil Review upon more than 3 months of usage!

Pac Long Lasting Kohl Pencil Review & swatch

As per their Instagram page, PAC Long Lasting Kohl Pencil was launched in January/February and I got mine, as mentioned, in March. I think there was already a version of the kohl before in the market but I’m not sure.

Product Name: *New* PAC Long Lasting Kohl Pencil in the shade Black

Price & Quantity: It retails for INR 395 for 1.2 g of the product.

Shelf Life: Best before 36 months from the date of mfg.

Availability: Easily available online. Buy here.

Ingredients: Not mentioned on the package.

Packaging & Appearance: It came in a black zipper pouch. Inside is the PAC kohl which is a sleek pencil with a sponge at the other end.

Pac Long Lasting Kohl Pencil Review

Smell: No fragrance!

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Claims: It claims to be:

*. Hypoallergenic
*. Tranfer-proof & smudge proof
*. Smooth texture

Swatch: In the image below.

Pac Long Lasting Kohl Pencil Swatches

My Experience: I was looking for a good kohl which isn’t expensive for my Instagram eye makeup looks. (Make sure to add me on IG for makeup looks and tutes, if you haven’t already!) Below is a pictorial of the black smokey eyeshadow look I created using this kohl.

PAC kohl worked amazingly well for me. It glides smoothly, the texture is good to work with. The smudger is also cool and helpful in creating looks. But what I didn’t like is that it isn’t the blackest of the black. It is kinda light shade of black and being an Indian, I love deep black kajal! So there is that. Still I loved PAC Long Lasting Kohl Pencil.

Quickly talking about the lasting power, it lasted me well and good for up to 4 hours, I guess. Bear in mind that I’ve oily lids in this summer heat. So I’m really glad! Then it starts smudging afterwards.

Pac Long Lasting Kohl Review

Problem started to arise for me after I sharpened it! Yeah, it is not retractable, you need to sharpen it and they don’t provide you any sharpener. Why though? I used another sharpener from my vanity, as well as stationary. It doesn’t gets sharpened!! I don’t know why!!

new Pac Long Lasting Kajal

Loads of the product get wasted in sharpening and getting the desired tip. After getting sharpened, I found that the kohl became difficult to work with.

Pac Long Lasting Kohl Pencil

Pigmentation wasn’t good at all, also it became very patchy. It was like my kohl got replaced and I didn’t know! I have read a few reviews, but didn’t find anyone else having this issue. I bought from Amazon which is PAC approved, so I am pretty sure it is original and not fake.

New Pac Long Lasting Kohl Pencil

I like the smudger as you can use it to create looks easily. I also like the fact that it is available in different colours. I was loving this kohl until I sharpened it. Bummer.


*. Smooth application
*. Available in 5 shades
*. Smudger is good
*. Lasted long before sharpening
*. Comes in a pouch
*. Transfer-proof


*. No sharpener (please add it!)
*. Lots of the product gets wasted in sharpening
*. Didn’t work for me after sharpening
*. Not a deep black
*. Would love more bright fun color options
*. Not retractable

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 2.5/5

Will I Repurchase?

Yes, I can’t process the fact that it changed totally after sharpening. So, I may purchase another shade just for confirming this theory!

Do I Recommend?

Based on my experience, PAC Long Lasting Kohl Pencil is a no from me.

Overall Summary: I loved it until I sharpened it. Long lasting kohl at nearly 400 is a big deal for me! And it performed well and good before. I will like to stock the nude shade and check if the sharpening things happens. I wish they included a sharpener too or if it was retractable. I like PAC Cosmetics, their products and pricing is amazing mostly, this is the first product that failed for me. I love their PAC foundation and can’t recommend it enough. But this kohl, my friend, is a pass for me.

Let me know our experience with this kohl in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “*New* PAC Long Lasting Kohl Pencil Review & Swatches

  1. Never tried any PAC products till date. Read lots of good things about this brand.
    Thanks a lot for honest review.

  2. Oh goodness…The horror of sharpenable Kohl breaking like this and not working is terrible.. I generally use those sharpener caps which come with 30 rs eyeliners by local shop to sharpen my pencils… You can try that..Also it looks like the Kohl dried up…Try keeping it in sunlight for a day of blow hot sir using hairdryer on it.. I hope it works …

  3. Maybe u got a bad batch,my frnd owns this kajal & it didn’t lose its pigmentation after sharpening. But still a lot of products is wasted sharpening,i won’t buy just for that one reason #heyjhallidiva

  4. I think u have recieved a bad batch coz My frnd owns this kajal & she didn’t find it difficult after t
    Sharpening, the pigmentation was intact. But i like retractable packaging so I’ll skip this just for that. #heyjhallidiva

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