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DIY Orange Body Scrub You Must Try For Soft & Smooth Skin

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2016)

I am not a typical DIY person. I am more of a lazy bum. Last winter, I tried homemade body butter and it came out really nice. That is why I went ahead and made this body scrub this year. I was in need of a body polisher since long but good quality store-bought ones felt a bit expensive for trial and error purpose. So, today I’m sharing this effective DIY orange body scrub with you.

DIY Orange Body Scrub For Soft & Smooth Skin

I did an elaborate research on the web beforehand about what ingredients should I use. My skin is very choosy when it come to any skin care thing be it natural or cosmetic. For this body exfoliator, I have used 5 tried and tested products that worked for me previously and to my extreme happiness 5 of them blended together worked wonders for my skin.

DIY Orange Body Scrub

I was able to notice soft skin from the first application itself. Now I am going to share the recipe with you. So keep reading to know how to make this awesome DIY orange body scrub.

Things You Will Need & Why Do You Need Them:

Orange Body Scrub ingredients

1. Salt/Sugar: This is basically the exfoliating agent. Any kind of salt (Epsom salt, sea salt Kosher salt etc.) or sugar (processed white sugar or brown sugar) can be used; just pound it to get sandy grains. I prefer plain iodized table salt because its grains are perfect for scrubbing my rough body skin.

2. Oil: Oil will create a moisturising base for the scrub that will lock the moisture into the skin. For this DIY you can use any body oil or edible oil you like. If you have extremely dry skin then thicker oils like coconut oil, sunflower oil or almond oil would be a good choice. I am using Johnson’s Baby Oil because it is very lightweight and does not irritate my skin or my nose.

3. Liquid Cleanser: In this body scrub the liquid cleanser is used to remove all the dirt and grime from the skin. Today I am using a mild baby shampoo again from Johnson’s because it was just sitting there in my kitty. Any good body wash, face cleanser or even mild liquid hand wash would do.

4. Aloe Vera Gel: This would act as a hydrator for this exfoliator. I am using my all time favourite Patanjali aloe vera gel but you can use any other aloe vera gel as per your liking.

5. Chopped Orange Peel: This is the X-factor of this scrub that adds extra benefits to it. Orange peel is high in Vitamin C and it helps to reduce body acne, pigmentation and blemishes. Here I am using freshly peeled orange skin for this homemade scrub but dried orange peel flakes can also be used.

You can grind it for coarse granules as it will help in scrubbing better. Also, if you are out of orange, lemon peel is a nice substitute for this ingredient.

How to Prepare: The steps are as follows –

DIY Orange Body Scrub at home

Step 1. Beat ½ tablespoon oil and ½ tablespoon liquid cleanser to produce a foamy concoction. It means the ratio is supposed to be 1:1.

DIY Orange Body Scrub step

Step 2. Mix 2 ½ tablespoon salt to it.

Orange Body Scrub

Step 3.  Add ½ tablespoon aloe gel and mix again.

Step 4. Finally, add 1 tablespoon chopped orange peels and give it a good stir.

Voila! Your orange body scrub it ready!

How To Use and Bonus Tips:

1. Usage: Wet the skin first with lukewarm water. Spread the exfoliator over the skin and massage it in circular movements. In between the process, smash the orange peels with your fingers just as you smash cleansing beads in a face wash.

2. Use this once-twice a week as per your skin’s needs. When I started using this a month ago I used to exfoliate twice a week but now my skin has become softer so I have come down to once weekly.

3. Do not exfoliate vigorously or the scrubbing particles can scratch the skin.

4. The application can be quite messy like most of the at-home DIYs, so be aware. This one point was a huge minus point for me and I was a bit discouraged at first. But, this scrub showed so good results from the first application that I never had the second thought ever again.

5. If you are using fresh orange peel then use up all the preparation at once. I often mix oil, cleanser and salt together and store it. Just before application, I scoop out desired amount and mix aloe gel and orange peel.

That is all about my homemade orange body scrub. Hope this helps to soften up your skin in this drying winter. You are welcome to share your thoughts regarding it in the comments below.

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By Sreeparna G.

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