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NYX In Your Element Wind Palette Review & Swatches

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2019)

Eye makeup is one thing that needs to be perfected and it changes your whole face if you do it right. While the techniques are important, the products that we use also play a huge role in defining the final look. I am always looking for good eyeshadow palettes and I tried the NYX In Your Element Wind palette. Continue reading to know how it performed.

NYX In Your Element Wind Palette Review & Swatches

NYX In Your Element Wind Palette

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Product Name: NYX In Your Element Wind Palette

Price & Quantity: 1.41g x 12 pans for $30 $22.50. Buy at their official website here.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Availability: It is available online and offline at NYX stores. Buy here at NYX official website.

Ingredients: In the image below.

NYX In Your Element Wind Palette Ingredients

Packaging & Appearance: It comes in a rectangle shaped palette and it has an abstract print on top which depicts wind and the palette comes with a mirror inside and has 12 rectangle shaped pans. My palette came broken so that’s why it seems a bit messy as I fixed it on my own.

NYX In Your Element Palette

The palette says that it’s a pigment and eyeshadow palette and has 9th shade as pigment while others are eyeshadow.

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Variants: It comes in other variants like water, fire etc, for each element basically.

Texture: The texture of the eyeshadow is a bit rough except the matte ones. The matte ones are very soft to touch.

Shade: I have this palette in the variant ‘Wind’ and so all the colours in this palette are different shades of the wind and are tones of blue and purple.

NYX In Your Element Palette Swatches

Staying Power: It stays for about 6-7 hours after which it slowly fades.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is good. For some reason when I swatched the eyeshadow on my arms, it didn’t give much pigmentation as it gives on my eyelids.

NYX In Your Element Wind Palette Swatches

Finish: The finish of the shadows is shimmery except two eyeshadow which are completely matte.

Smell: There is a slight chemical fragrance in these eyeshadow.

Swatch: In the image below.

NYX In Your Element Palette Swatch

My Experience: I ordered this palette a while ago and sadly it came broken and couldn’t be returned. So I fixed the palette myself and it was all good. I had very mixed feelings about this palette at first but then I started liking it.

The eye shadows were pigmented and they blended seamlessly. I didn’t feel the need to layer up these eyeshadow much. The texture although is a bit rough to touch for some reason but it isn’t chalky or gritty.

NYX In Your Element Wind Palette Review

It doesn’t have much fall out as well. So the roughness didn’t bother me. The finish of the shadows is also good. It gives a shimmery finish which is perfect for parties.

The staying power is also decent. The packaging could have been a bit more fancy as it is an expensive palette. Overall, it is a good palette.


1. Amazing pigmentation
2. No fall out
3. Decent staying power
4. Shimmery finish
5. Blends seamlessly

1. Expensive
2. Packaging could have been better

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 3/5

Will I Repurchase?

I don’t really think so! The palette didn’t turn out how I actually expected it to be. I thought this would be an excellent palette but it performed averagely according to its price.

Do I Recommend?

No! There is no doubt in the fact that this palette performed nicely but when I see it’s price, I think this palette should have been flawless and everything should have been on point. But sadly it’s not and there are palettes which are equally expensive but perform way better than this palette.

Overall Summary: This is my 3rd eyeshadow palette by NYX and to be honest none of their eyeshadow palettes have stood out for me yet. I always feel something is missing from their eyeshadow palettes. This palette is good but unfortunately, didn’t perform up to the mark as I had expected it to be.


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