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NYX Butter Lipstick Thunderstorm – Review & Swatches

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)

I finally got my hands on NYX Butter Lipstick right after it launched in India. And was it worth the wait? Today I’m talking about NYX Butter Lipstick Hunk aka Thunderstorm Review.

NYX Butter Lipstick Review Swatches

NYX Butter Lipstick Thunderstorm – Review & Swatches

Product Name: NYX Butter Lipstick Thunderstorm aka Hunk Beau Gosse BLS05

Price and Quantity: $6 or ₹ 550 for 4.5 g

Shelf Life: 12 months

Ingredients: In the image below.

NYX Butter Lipstick

Availability: You can easily buy these online on Nykaa and they are available in 6 beautiful shades.

Nude lipstick for Indian skin tone? Yes Please!

Packaging and Smell: The NYX Butter Lipstick Thunderstorm comes in a dark purple case and packaging. It’s an average packaging but what can you ask from a lipstick which is just ₹550! I think it’s decent.

I didn’t like the fragrance because it’s very mild and not floral or fruity. I personally love those fragrances. They could have worked on this part. Who doesn’t loves yummy smelling lipsticks? Right?!

Shade: The shade is known as Thunderstorm aka Hunk Beau Gosse (BLS05). It is a  medium violet shade with soft blue undertones.

NYX Butter Lipstick Thunderstorm

This shade is also named as Thunderstorm and appears dark purple in the case as well as packaging but on the lips it comes out as a beautiful berry color. This shade will suit almost every Indian skin tone.

Swatches: In the images below.

NYX Butter Lipstick Thunderstorm swatch

Claims:According to NYX Cosmetics, these lipsticks were made to:

“Pamper your lips with a soft hydrating kiss of smooth Butter in a Lipstick. The soft texture of satin amalgamated with the high color saturation creates an flawless finish on lips that’s long lasting and beautiful.”

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My Experience: I don’t think NYX Butter Lipstick can be compared to any other coloured lip balms I have tried before.

And trust me, I still regret a few. This lipstick is ideal for those who do not want to give up comfort for color.

I’ll share about NYX Butter Lipstick Thunderstorm Review based on Transfer effect, Moisturizing, Texture, Pigmentation and Matte vibe.

NYX Butter Lipstick

Transfer: This lipstick is not transfer proof. You might need touch ups after sometime or probably after eating or drinking.

I don’t have any sort of complaints regarding smudging of the colour from the lip line. It was intact.

Texture: It’s actually buttery on the lips. The lipstick is very smooth and glides like a butter because of its texture and moisturizing quality.

Moisturizing: It feels very moisturizing on the lips. I have dry lips and I have tried this with as well as without using a lip balm prior application.

You can easily wear the NYX Butter Lipstick during cold weather as it’s buttery and moisturizing. Also, your lips tend to be drier in winter than in summer.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is fantastic. Lipstick gives an opaque colour after 1-2 strokes.

After 2 hours, I do feel my lips start drying out a little bit without lip balm. Also, after 2-3 hours lipstick starts to fade out from the outer lips and leave the stain on the lips which maybe because of various reasons.

Then you have to reapply or give it a touch up just like other super famous lipsticks too.

Matte: Thunderstorm lipstick is not matte when you apply it and gives a satin finish to the lips.

This looks very creamy and slightly glossy when you apply but after 30 mins or an hour.

But the NYX Butter Lipstick gives a matte finish if not applied over a lip balm.


• Cruelty Free
• Highly pigmented
• Lightweight formula
• Non sticky
• Luxurious satin finish
• Feels like lip balm


• Weak staying power
• Needs retouching
• Not transfer proof
• Not a pleasant fragrance

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 4/5

Do I recommend? Yes! It’s a great fun shade which would suit the Indian skin tone quite well.

Will I repurchase? I’ll love to try other 5 shades from this NYX Butter Lipstick range.

Overall Summary: NYX Butter Lipstick is all that young ladies were waiting for. NYX lipstick is lightweight and buttery as the name goes by.

Though it’s neither transfer proof nor long lasting. But at the same time, it’s moisturizing, pocket friendly and glides smoothly.

That’s all about NYX Butter Lipstick Hunk. Have you tried it yet?

*By contributor Riyanshi

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