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Nykaa SKINgenius Compact Review, How To Use & Comparison

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2018)

Talking all about Nykaa SKINgenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Compact in the shade 02 Rose Beige! From the title of the post you must have known that I am sharing my Nykaa SKINgenius Compact review, how to use, comparison and experience today.

Nykaa SkinGENIUS compact Review Rose Beige

Since this new compact came into the scenario I have been quite interested in it because of its striking resemblance with SUGAR Cosmetics newly launched compacts. Nykaa has already astonished us with their excellent quality makeup products.

Now it is time for the compact to show some of the glimpses of its excellence. I was using  Maybelline Superfresh Compact before buying this one. So, I would be comparing the results of these two in this post itself. So, grab some snacks and dig in to the post to find more.

Product Name: Nykaa SKINgenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Compact in 02 Rose Beige

Price & Quantity: You will have to pay Rs.525 for 9gm of pressed powder

Ingredients: See in the image below.

Nykaa SkinGENIUS compact Review, Ingredients

Shelf life: 30 months from the date of manufacturing

Packaging: This compact comes with cardboard packaging with red and beige marble graffiti on it. Within this cardboard pack there is a square matte black plastic container. This plastic container accommodates the pressed powder, a puff applicator and a mirror (attached to the lid).

The powder surface is protected by a transparent plastic to avoid contamination and the puff is stored in a separate compartment below the pressed powder. Both the mirror and the applicator are of good quality.
Overall the packaging is quite sturdy, hygienic and travel friendly.

Texture and Smell: The smell of this compact is very faint and of medicinal kind. Fragrance is mild and stays just for a few seconds.

Texture of this product is buttery smooth and finely powdered. It gets blended into my face quickly.

Shade: The shade range is quite narrow with this compact; there is literally no option for people with skin tones above NC35.

The 3 shades in the SKINgenius range are; 01 Natural Ivory, 02 Rose Beige and 03 Warm Honey.

The shade 01 shade is the lightest shade of this collection and it has yellow base to it.

Nykaa SkinGENIUS compact Review and swatches

So, this shade is for warm toned fair skin tones.  The second shade of this range is Rose Beige. It is yellow toned product with sufficient amount of pinkish hint to it making it a good choice for neutral undertoned people like me.

The darkest shade here is Warm Honey which is another yellow toned shade for wheatish beauties.

Pigmentation: This finely powdered compact is quite pigmented in itself. In Just one slight rub of my finger it takes out considerable amount of product.

That makes this compact a long lasting one because I only need a bit for each use.

Nykaa Compact Review, Swatch, How To Use (Natural Ivory)

Coverage: The coverage provided by this compact is medium which is really nice for a compact. It evens out my complexion and reduces the redness of my acne scars to some extent.

Nykaa SkinGENIUS compact rose beige review

As I mostly use it in day time I do not want heavy coverage. Medium coverage with natural finish is what I want. So this feels a good product for me.

Finish & Blending Capacity: Though this compact gives matte finish, it never makes my face look cakey. It contains ultra fine shimmer particles that are not at all of highlighter kind. They apply on the skin evenly giving very natural finish on the skin.

Nykaa SkinGENIUS compact Review, How to use

This product is also blessed with superb blending power. I just need two swipes of the given puff applicator to make it vanish into my skin.

My Experience: I have used this compact with and without tinted products like BB cream or foundation. In both the cases it has brightened up my face without any chalkiness. My face does not feel heavily built up as it is a light weight product.

Nykaa SkinGENIUS compact Review

What I like most about this compact is that it does not aggravate my existing acne and does not encourage new break outs. It does a good job at setting my BB cream or tinted moisturizer and gives a freshness to my face.

Coming to the main concern of an oily-skinned girl, how does it perform on super oily skin? Well, it keeps my oily-combination face oil-free for 4-5 hours on a humid day and stays put for 7-8 hours otherwise.

Then the t-zone starts to shine. I am quite happy that in spite of being a moisturizing compact, this one has been able to keep my face oil-free for this long.

Nykaa SKINgenius vs. Maybelline White Superfresh: Though Nykaa SKINgenius compact and Maybelline Superfresh compact have very different price range, both of them are quite ‘Happening’ sort currently. That is why I decided to compare the results of these two so that you can get a fair chance to choose the one that fits your needs.

Nykaa SkinGENIUS compact Review, comparison

In terms of coverage, this Nykaa compact is way better than Maybelline’s Superfresh compact. Nykaa one gives moderate coverage whereas the Maybelline one gives almost none. Maybelline’s Superfresh looks a bit chalky even if I am applying just a little bit of product.

The Nykaa one on the other hand gets blended without any chalkiness. Both of them have similar staying power and only 3 shades to choose from.

Nykaa SkinGENIUS compact rose beige swatch

Out of the three shades in these two compact ranges, Maybelline has no option for neutral undertone people. Being a girl with lighter skin tones with neutral undertones I had to get on with the lightest shade from Maybelline which was not a perfect match.

Nykaa’s compact in 02 Rose Beige seems like a boon to me because it has a perfect blend of warm and cool tones to imitate my skin shade.


1. Gives medium coverage
2. Blends well without chalkiness
3. Does not dry out skin
4. Contains Hyaluronic acid powder
5. Does not cause breakouts or irritate the skin


1. Available in three shades only
2. May feel pricey to some

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 4.75/5 (-0.25 for limited number of shades)

Will I Repurchase?

Yes certainly, once I am over with my current one from Nykaa.

Do I Recommend?

Yes! I would recommend this to anyone below NC35 skin tone.

Overall Summary: Nykaa SKINgenius compact is a medium coverage hydrating pressed powder that gives naturally healthy looking skin without any chalkiness.

So, that’s all about Nykaa SKINgenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Compact in 02 Rose Beige. Have you tried this new launch? What is your favourite makeup product from Nykaa?

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