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Nail Art Haul

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2017)

Long time that I did a haul post. So today I’m sharing my latest  nail art haul with you. 😀


I got many cute nail art stuffs which makes nail art quite easy and fun. So let’s begin. 🙂

Nail art haul

The amazing haul includes the following items :


1. Nailart Decoration Kit – Two decoration kits, each of which consists of 5 mini jars of mixed nailart assorted materials – beads, flowers, glitters, etc. It also includes a mini nail file and adhesive.


I adore the mini jars! They’re cute and so are the materials within.

2. 15 Piece Brush Set – Bring out the inner artist in you and show your creativity on the enamels with this set. For all the detailing to the touch up, it has got you covered!


3. 3D Nail Stickers Sheet (5 pc) – The best thing about it is that you don’t need to cut it out first! Whew! Yeah it means hassle free work. 😀


4. Two way dotting tool (5 pc) – Different size dots can be created simply with it. It’s good and helpful when you’re in for some quick nail art.

5. Nail Art Stamping Kit  – This contains stamping plate of medium size along a stamper and a scraper. It’s of pink colour, giving you girly vibes. 😀

6. Mickey Stickers – I’m quite excited to try these. Everyone loves Mickey, don’t you? So there are 10 of these, for your ten fingers, I guess?


7. Five Nail Art Tapes – Tapes : basic nail art item. Another useful item after the dotting tool.

8. Nail Art Ad Ons Materials – Twenty cute tiny cases consisting of hearts, beads, rhinestones glitter, etc. This is totally awesome.


9. Five Wheels – There are three mini wheels and other two large. They include beads, rhinestones, flowers, stars, etc.


That’s all for now. Do let me know if you want review of any.

See ya!

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