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Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter Review

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)

Highlighters have been the latest obsession of everyone and with that, all the brands are launching highlighters – from powder to even jelly highlighters. It is crazy to pick just one in a pool of so many. But I recently tried the Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter which has been hyped a lot. So let us see if it is worth the hype or not!


Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter

Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter Review

Product Name: Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter

Price & Quantity: INR 850/ $7 for 15g/ 0.56 oz

Shelf Life: 12 months

Availability: Available online. Buy at Ulta.

How To Use: Just apply the highlighter with a makeup brush on the highest points of your face i.e. bridge of the nose, cheeks and cupid’s bow. Also you can apply it on the inner corner of your eyes to highlight them and under your brow bone as well.

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Ingredients: Mentioned in the image.

Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter Ingredients

Packaging & Appearance: The highlighter comes in a big pan with a transparent lid on top of which the name of the product is written but it got rubbed off too soon which is a bummer. The pan is of black color. The sides of the pan does get dirty at times with the highlighter but it gets cleaned easily.

The highlighter in the pan itself has a very beautiful quilted kind of design which now is all ruined as I have used it but you can still see it on the sides. Other than that, the packaging is travel friendly, fuss-free and simple.

Shades: No other shades / variants available.

Texture: The texture of the product is very soft to touch and smooth as well. I really loved how it just blends into the skin but is still beaming. The texture is not at all gritty and chunky.

Staying Power: It stays for about 5-6 hours and then tends to disappear. The staying power also depends on how much you build the highlighter. I generally layer it two times but if you go with more it will stay for longer.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is amazing. Its very pigmented in just a swipe and you won’t need to build it up a lot

Finish: The finish of the product is very smooth. It doesn’t exaggerate my skin texture and gives me very beautiful glow. The glow that it gives is something that I love about this highlighter. It’s neither too natural nor too over the top.

Smell: It has a chemical fragrance which isn’t bothering at all.

Swatch: In the image below.

Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter Swatch

My Experience: I was very skeptical for some reason before ordering this highlighter because I thought it would be really chunky. But once I got my hands on it, I was proved completely wrong.

I was surprised to see the quantity of the highlighter because the pan is so huge.You can see in the image that it is even bigger than my palm. The price is amazing for the quantity and quality that you get and you can always grab it on discounts.

Also the quilted design was another good thing and looked so beautiful that I didn’t want to use it! And the finish of this bomb highlighter was something that made me put this highlighter on every time I was doing my makeup.

Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter Review

It never looked chunky on me nor did it ever bring focus on my skin texture even when my skin was having it’s bad days. It blended in my skin seamlessly.

Although the highlighter doesn’t come in any other shade but this shade is definitely universal because I made everyone try this highlighter who were from different skin tones and it looked as amazing as it is. This highlighter really impressed me a lot than I had expected.


1. Affordable
2. Smooth texture
3. Travel friendly
4. Huge quantity
5. Doesn’t exaggerate skin texture
6. Doesn’t have chunky glitter
7. Blends seamlessly
8. Universal shade


1. Available online only

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase?

Yes, I will repurchase this because to be honest, I haven’t found the perfect highlighter till now which is the perfect shade for me and gives that perfect glow that I like. So I will I definitely repurchase this once the current one gets over!

Do I Recommend?

Yep, I would definitely recommend this highlighter to everyone as it looks so amazing on the skin and is a very universal shade for everyone. The texture and the finish is to die for, so I would definitely tell you to try this highlighter just once.

Overall Summary: To sum up, all I can say is this highlighter is amazing and so worth the money. From the shade to the finish everything is perfect. It will last you for so long and you can layer it up depending on how glowy you wanna look and it will never fail to amaze you. Do grab your hands on this if you’re looking to buy a highlighter!

~Divi Tuli

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