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​Livon Serum Vitamin E Review, How To Use & Price

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)

Do you have frizzy or dry hair? Then, this post is a must read for you! I have been using Livon Hair Serum since years now. I have switched to other brands as well but I love the way Livon smells and works, so I end up switching back to it, this time it is Livon serum vitamin E.

​Livon Serum Vitamin E Review

A good hair serum can do a lot of jobs from controlling frizz to adding shine to hair. I have used its old products as well but today I am going to review the new and improved Livon serum with Vitamin E which I am currently using. Read my whole experience below!

Product Name: Livon Hair Serum with Vitamin E.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 65 for 20ml, Rs. 125 for 50ml and Rs. 230 for 100ml of the serum. Buy here at a discounted price.

Ingredients: Mentioned on outer box. Checkout the image below.

​Livon Serum Review

Claims: It claims to be a light weight hair serum that instantly transforms frizzy, tangled hair to look silky and shiny, protecting it from breakage.

Availability: It is easily available online as well as offline. You can buy here.

Packaging & Appearance: Livon Serum with Vitamin E comes in a transparent plastic bottle with pink flip cap which looks really cute. It has an external cardboard carton which is really attractive. The box has basic details like how to use, ingredients, price, etc mentioned.

​Livon Serum How to use & side effects

The consistency of the product is very light and it has no color – it is transparent. The flip cap doesn’t let the product spill out of the bottle that makes it travel-friendly as well as eliminates wastage.

Smell: It has a mild floral fragrance which I love the most about this serum. It stays for an hour or two after applied onto hair.

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Swatch: Scroll down for picture:

​Livon Serum Vitamin E Swatch

Shelf life: 3 years from manufactured date.

Texture & Formula: The texture is light and it doesn’t feels heavy on hair.

How to use Livon serum?

I have been using Livon since a long time now. I generally put 4-5 drops of Livon Serum on damp and just washed hair to detangle and style it later on.

I have two sizes of the product, one is 20ml which I carry for travel and another one is 50ml that I have at my place which my sister uses.

Winter is coming and everybody faces the dry hair days, for that, I use Livon to add shine to my dry and dull hair.

​Livon Serum Vitamin E Review, How To Use & Price

My Experience: My natural hair type is straight and silky. I had medium length hair but recently I got a modern bob. Short hair needs a lot of time and efforts to style as compared to long hair, according to me.

Though, my hair is still straight and smooth but the pollution levels, sweat and dust makes my hair ends rough and dull. I do a lot of styling for shoots/events and use a lot of protection but we all know that styling causes damage, no matter what.

So, whenever I feel like my hair is looking dull, I use Livon Hair Serum. I don’t use it on a daily basis because hair serums are silicone-based which harms the natural shine and moisture with time.

Livon serum review and swatches

I don’t find it very useful for reducing breakage but it is a good product for girls with frizzy hair. I just love the way it smells, it’s very nice and the texture is light that doesn’t feels heavy on hair.

Though, I am not completely convinced that the serum protects from damage but it is indeed a helpful one & can be a lifesaver for curly and frizzy hair beauties to some extent.


• Travel friendly and attractive packaging
• Lightweight formula
• Adds shine to hair
• Effects lasts for a long time*
• Ease out tangles
• Controls frizz
• Pleasant fragrance
• Easy availability
• Affordable

*Since my hair is naturally straight & silky.


• Silicone-based
• Doesn’t protects hair from damage

Jhalli Diva Verdict: I am going to rate it 4/5 because it has more pros than cons.

Will I Repurchase?

Yes as it works well for me.

Do I Recommend?

Yes, because it is a nice product and is one of the most affordable hair serums in the market.

If you’re concerned about any side effect of Livon serum, it is not recommended to use it on a daily basis as it is silicone-based and it harms the natural hair shine and moisture with time.

Overall Summary: Livon Hair Serum with Vitamin E adds shine to dull and lifeless hair. It helps in controlling frizzy and tangled hair.

It has a very pleasant and mild fragrance that stays for an hour or two. The lightweight formula doesn’t makes the hair sticky.

It works well on hair for long hours, though, it doesn’t helps in protecting hair from damage and breakage.

The packaging is travel-friendly and it is affordable as well. It is a must try product for girls with frizzy/curly hair.

~Dipa Biswas

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