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Kaya Acne Free Purifying Toner Review

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2018)

All of us, at some point, have ignored the importance of toners in our daily skincare routine. But let me tell you that it’s as important as a face wash and a moisturizer. It helps the pores of your skin to be clean and unclogged. And with all the dust, pollution and sweat in summers, your pores do get congested and using a toner becomes a must. So talking of toners, I’ve got you the Kaya Acne Free Purifying Toner review. Read on to know how it performs!

Kaya Acne Free Purifying Toner Review

Product Name: Kaya Acne Free Purifying Toner

Price & Quantity: INR 325 for 100 ml

Availability: It is available online only. Get 25% off here on Amazon.

Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Ingredients: In the image below.

Kaya Acne Free Purifying Toner Ingredients

Texture: The texture of the Kaya Acne Free Purifying toner is very water-like just as the usual skin toners.

Packaging & Appearance: It has a very simple and fuss-free packaging. It comes in a white colored plastic bottle with a transparent lid. It is a spray bottle and is sturdy as well. The name of the product is mentioned on the front side and other details are mentioned at the back. It is travel friendly and the bottle isn’t heavy or bulky. The product comes out from the spray as a very fine mist. So it doesn’t take time in drying.

Kaya Acne Free Purifying Toner Review & Usage

Smell: The fragrance of the Kaya Acne Free Purifying toner is nice. It is somewhere between floral and fruity and there is a hint of chemical fragrance.

Swatch: In the image below.

Kaya Acne Free Purifying Toner Swatch

Variants: There are no variants available.

Claims: Claims are as follows:

*. Developed by Kaya dermatologists
*. Alcohol free toner
*. Contains Mandelic acid
*. Has botanical extracts of cucumber, witch hazel & rose
*. Controls excess sebum, tighten your pores & reduces irritation
*. Prepares skin for treatment of acne

How To Use: Use a cotton pad to apply the toner gentlyall over the face and neck. Or use spray to apply directly. No need to rinse later.

My Experience: I bought this toner as Kaya is a very well known skincare brand and I had never used any of their products. So I thought to purchase this toner as I wanted one. I was also facing a lot of pimples, whiteheads and open pores around my nose area since I returned from abroad. I desperately needed a toner. I went ahead and bought this one and after using it I did notice some difference.

My pores visibly shrunk and my whiteheads and pimples reduced as well but not to a great extent. I normally spray this on my face and let it dry, followed by applying my moisturizer. I’ve been using this for about 5 months now and it’s good but I wouldn’t say it’s the best.

Kaya Acne Free Purifying Toner

I have noticed that whenever I apply any moisturizer on this toner, it tends to sit as a layer on my skin even when I use it with a cotton pad and swipe all across my face.

The toner somehow creates a kind of barrier between my skin and other products that I apply after using the Kaya toner. And a toner is not supposed to do that. I want my toner to seep into my skin and keep my pores all clean and unclogged. But it just helped me a little in doing that as in the longer run it isn’t that much effective.


  1. Travel friendly
  2. Affordable
  3. Nice fragrance
  4. Sturdy spray bottle
  5. Helps to shrink visibly open pores
  6. Helps a little in reducing pimples
  7. Alcohol-free


  1. Sits like a layer on the skin
  2. Isn’t much effective in the longer run
  3. Has a bit of chemical fragrance

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 2.5/5

Do I Recommend?

No, I do not recommend it. Although, I do know every skin type is different and it might suit someone
else but I still won’t recommend it because of the fact that it sits on the skin very weirdly. As per its
claims, it doesn’t control my excess sebum even though I do not have extreme oily skin, nor does it
unclog pores very effectively. So I don’t think it is worth buying.

Will I Repurchase?

No, I won’t repurchase this as the results weren’t up to the mark. I would rather buy another toner than
to spend my money on this one.

Overall Summary: I had expected a lot better performance from this Kaya Toner but it was a disappointment. I didn’t really like it. I don’t even see it working for other skin types as well. Although, it didn’t harm my skin or anything of that sort but I don’t even think that it’s worth spending my money on!

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