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Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream Review

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2018)


Recently Garnier launched the improved version of its fairness range. I received Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream through the #7DayGarnierChallenge. I had posted as to how to claim your Garnier product.


It is not a new invention but the improved version of the existing fairness cream. The range consists of a face wash along the cream. It is recommended to use both the products together.

I’m not so much in to fairness. But this product got me  for its huge claims. I decided to take the 7 Day Garnier Challenge. I received only the cream. I have used it for seven days.

All the beauties longing for the fair skin, here is a new kid on the block! Is it worth your moolah? Read on to find out!

Claims :

》 One Shade Fairer Skin in a week.
》SPF 19 PA+++
》Contains Lemon Essence

Usage : Apply after cleansing your skin and gently massage.

Shelf Life : 36 Months.

Price & Weight :  I received a sample version. Market Price – INR 160 for 40gm. Buy here.

Appearance & Smell : Garnier Fairness Cream is white in color. The consistency is medium. It blends easily. Claiming to contain lemon extracts, it has a pleasant lemon fragnance to it.


The cream comes in a tub of white color. Since I got the sample it came in a small sachet with a cap.

Swatch : In the image below.


My Experience : I have oily skin. I used it after cleansing my face. To be honest, I am apprehensive of trying new products on my face. Having Oily skin may leads to breakouts.

But I embraced it as a challenge and am quite amazed by the result. I used it in the morning regularly. I used a pea sized quantity. It was well and good for my face. The cream imparts a fairer color to skin and the fragnance is present for few hours.

It moisturises the skin. On continuous usage for about 3-4 days, I received some great compliments as well. (Now, who doesn’t loves compliment?) I am impressed with the product, so much that I would give a try to the face wash as well.(As it claims to work better with it.)

It contains SPF 19 PA+++ and also claims to be anti UVA/UVB. This means it will make you fair and guard it as well. A fairness cream with SPF  is some great combination Garnier came up with.

Unlike most of the fairness creams, it doesn’t cast a whitish layer on the face. It blends and absorbs well. Along with fair skin and SPF, it also claims to remove the marks and spots on face. I had light spots which have reduced much.


》Contains SPF 19
》Hasn’t cause breakouts
》True to claims
》Contains Lemon Extracts
》Moisturises Skin
》Adds a Glow
》Blends Easily
》No Whitish Cast
》Lightens Spots and Marks
》Non Greasy
》7 Day Challenge Passes Gracefully


》Tub Packaging can be unhygienic

Jhalli Diva Verdict : 4/5

Do I recommend? : If you want a fair skin, then this might be your answer. Give it a shot. Garnier has actually improved the range and it’s worth trying.

Take the Garnier #7DayGarnierChallenge and share your true experience after continuous usage for seven days. Your honest reviews can help Garnier improve the product for your better only.

Disclaimer : I’ve received the product for review purpose and all the thought and experience are of my own.

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