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Best Face Pack for Glowing Skin – 2 Ingredients Only

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

Hey! Glowing skin is perfect. So perfect that it doesn’t exist. Because hey Nothing is Perfect! But fret not! Today I’m sharing easy-peasy glowing skin face mask which works wonders to your skin.

Easy DIY glowing skin face mask

This weekend, take out some “Me Time” (yup! Like a girl boss) and pamper your skin. You gonna love it, bet?

What this Face Pack for Glowing Skin does?

• It imparts a natural glow to your skin
• Suits oily skinned beauties too
• Improves skin tone by fighting off those scars and blemishes
• Works well for acne and pimple marks

It is a face pack to get the glowing skin and it is quite easy and worth a shot.

Just 2 ingredients and you’re done. Ha. This glowing skin face pack imparts a glow to skin and upon continuous usage, your skin would be healthy from inside and radiating from outside!

Let’s get started, shall we? Right in!


glowing skin face mask 2 Ingredients

• Fuller’s Earth aka Multaani Mitti
• Sandalwood aka Chandan
• Water or Rosewater
• Sliced cucumber (optional)

Preparation Time: In a jiffy! Around five minutes, yo.

Method: Just proceed as follow:

1. Add 1tbsp of sandalwood to 3 tbsp of fuller’s earth.

2. Mix both the ingredients and add rosewater to form a paste.

3. Control the consistency as per your desire.

DIY glowing skin face mask


• Apply a layer on the face and neck area, leaving around the eyes and lips.

• Place cucumber slice on eyes and relax.

• Keep it for about quarter to half an hour till it gets dry.

• Wash off with cool water.


• *Always* do a patch test prior to usage. Just last day, my sister got those awful red marks all over her cheeks and she has got a party to attend this weekend. Deep trouble. No time.

On the brighter side? She got a mention here! Jokes apart, don’t skip patch test. Promise? Ya.

• Use it fresh. It is not advised to store or use later.

• Prefer to use a plastic or glass container to avoid any reactions and side effects.

Why Sandalwood and Fuller’s Earth?

Sandalwood and Fuller’s Earth has a special place in the Indian Ayurveda. They’ve numerous beauty benefits.

glowing skin face mask

Sandalwood brightens the skin and fuller’s earth cleanses the dirt, impurities and oil.

These two combine to deep cleanse your skin and add a healthy glow to it.

This glowing skin face is one of my favorite. You can try it once in a week.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to share!

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DIY Glowing skin face mask

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