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10 Ridiculously Easy Nail Art Designs Ever

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2017)

Don’t we all love the *Oh So* pretty Pinterest images and amazing YouTube videos of nail art tutorials? They look just perfect and beautiful. And not to forget how simple and easy they make it appear. But when you actually sit to do it, you realize it ain’t your biz. No worries as today I’m sharing 10 Ridiculously Easy Nail Art Designs to make you a pro!

What makes these nail art design actually easy is the fact that you are only going to need dots. So it’s as easy as dotting.

easy nail art tutorial
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So without any further ado, let’s get started right away.

1. One Dot Minimalist – I can bet this has to be Easiest Nail Art Ever. It’s simple, minimal and chic. And all you need is just one single dot.

easy nail art tutorials

While black dot does the trick, you can still squeeze your creative juices and opt for different color, location, etc. Because it’s your nail art and you ain’t following any rules here.

2. Three Dotted Manicure – I personally love it. Just 3 dots over the edges and viola! Easy peasy folks! You can try this on bare nails too, of course with a base coat on. Or you can wear it on nude nail base which makes it pop better. So are we spoilt by choice?

monochrome dotted nails

3. Heart – It’s one of the prettiest and yet easiest nail art design ever. It looks cute and girly. And the best part, it is effortlessly easy.

easy nail art tutorial 2017

Now there are endless possibilities with heart nail art design. Also, Valentine Day is around the corner. Here is one of my nail art snap of heart using only dots. Sorry for blur pic though.

easy nail art design 2017

How To Draw Heart?

Heart is basically 3 dots joined together to form a beautiful pattern. It’s easy to do and you can checkout the step by step tutorial in the image below.

easy heart nails tutorial
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4. Disney Nail Art – Disney has been an integral part of our childhood and we have literally grown up watching it. And I still do watch of course!

Do you know that you can get Mickey on your nails and that too without any complicated mess? Heck yeaaah.

You can use dots to draw Mickey and it looks pretty amazing. It also needs three dots just like heart and you’re good to go. Pretty amazing, right?

5. Dotted French Manicure – Just a little confession here only if you vouch secrecy. When I was little, I believed that French mani was actually natural white nails that some people were naturally blessed with. Ya LOL.

easy nail art

Anyways moving ahead, you can recreate French manicure using polka dots only. It looks cute and adds a touch of fun.

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6. Teddy Love – Teddy can also be created by just using dots. First start with a bigger blot of your favorite nail paint, followed by two tiny dots for ear. And you can detail it using.. umm.. few more dots?!

easy nail art teddy

7. Double Dotted French Manicure – You guessed it right. It is another version of dotted French manicure. Instead of a single array of dots, go for double. You can also go for three or more.

easy nail art designs

8. Flower Love – Heart, Mickey, Teddy and next in the pipeline is Flowers! I *so* love them. And they’re another easy nail art design to go for.

easy nail art flower tutorial
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They look really amazing and count for great summer nails.

9. Glossy Black – This nail art looks so classy. Here nail art studs are used but you can recreate this using multicolored dots for a stylish finish.

easy nail art 2017

10. Patterns and more – You can just play with nail paints and polka dots to create a variety of design. Simple polka-dotted nails on contrasting background really stands out. You can experiment and come up with some chic designs all by yourself.

Dotting Nail Art designs

Okay! These are really pretty easy but how to do them, girl?

Now, to make these effortlessly easy nail art designs, all you need is Nail Art Dotting Tool. They’re really cheap and easily available online. So you can get them here for like less than $2.

Or you can create your own DIY nail dotting tool. You can use pin, pen, hair clip, bobby pin, toothpick, etc to create dots of various size. Basically, all you need is anything with which you can create dots.

DIY nail art Dotting tool
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I’ve tried the ready-made as well as DIY dotting tool. Both of them work equally good. But there is a slight difference between them. If you have used ready-made then you’ll find it a little difficult to use DIY one. It can be a little messy while handling the latter but eventually you’ll get used to it.

polka dots nail art

But I’ll like to add a little disclaimer here – Please be careful while using pointed stuff, especially if you’re a kid, use parental guidance.

Before winding this up, these beautiful and easy nail art design aren’t my creation, until they have my logo (which is Jhalli Diva BTW). I’ve taken them from my favorite Pinterest. But I just couldn’t trace the rightful owner for credits. So if you’re or know one, just let me know in the comments below for credit.

easy nail art designs using dots
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So that sums it up for now. Do give them a shot and share it with your girls.

Until next time,