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DIY Hair Mask for Shiny & Smooth Hair

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

Who doesn’t love smooth, shiny as well as damage free hair to flaunt? This is perfect weather to leave your hair open. No need to tie them into a regular ponytail, braid or bun. Today I’m talking about DIY Hair Mask for Shiny and Smooth Hair which repairs the damaged hair and makes it soft, shiny and voluminous.

DIY Hair Mask for Shiny & Smooth Hair

Let’s get started with DIY Hair Mask for Shiny and Smooth Hair.

PS: It can get heck of work if you apply it directly to your hair. Getting rid of it may be difficult and tad messy.

So, if you don’t want lumps and messed up hair, use spray bottle for the formula. It would be convenient to use and hassle free. You just need to spray it, of course after shaking thoroughly!

What do you need? For this DIY hair mask, you need only 2 ingredients. Yep, quick fix indeed!

• Mustard Oil
• Aloe Vera Gel

• Spoon
• Bowl
• Flat Brush

aloe vera gel

Coconut oil is quite common ingredient in hair masks and hair packs but this DIY Hair Mask for Shiny & Smooth Hair doesn’t include coconut oil.

This is because of the beauty benefits of mustard oil and aloe vera gel which are:

Mustard Oil: Mustard oil has numerous benefits. It helps in hair growth and prevents premature gray hairs, hair loss, etc. If you search over net, you can actually find variety of advantages of mustard oil. So I’m not going to repeat the same thing here and occupy your time.

Personally, I don’t like mustard oil due to its smell. Though my mom used to oil my hair using mustard oil, a lot. And I used to hate it. Thanks to mom, she has used almost every oil on me. *Pun Intended*

Which reminds me I had to share sharing my hair oiling routine too.

Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera is bliss. It’s love and the best part? It suits each and every skin type. Woaahh!! A product which is friend to every skin type? Yep. From sensitive to oily skin and from dry to combinational skin, aloe vera is your answer.

*17 Brilliant Uses of Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel You Gotta Try ASAP *

You can prepare aloe vera gel at home or get it from store. Patanjali aloe vera gel is easily available and pocket friendly at the same time.

How to prepare it?

It’s quite simple and easy to do. If you know me, which you should because hey getting to know each other is great, I’m some lazy pumpkin. I want everything to be done in a jiffy and  don’t want to go through complicated procedure. But then who doesn’t?

Anyways, the moral of doing all that blabbering is – I love easy to do remedies. This is why I like the DIY Face Pack for Glowing Skin which also has 2 ingredients only. And this hair pack is along those lines only. *Easy and Quick*

Take both the ingredients in equal parts and mix well until it blends to form a not so good looking mixture. And you’re done.  Easy peasy!

How to Apply?

Take a flat brush and apply the mixture on your scalp. You can use the (new and unused) dye brush for it. Or better, use your fingers.

Basically, you need to massage your scalp just like you do while oiling your hair. Then move towards your hair and apply the hair mask similar to your conditioner.

Leave it for about 40 minutes and wash off. I do this prior to bathing, so that the fuss is bit less. You can do it weekly, biweekly or alternative week. It actually depends on your tresses.

Anything else you need to know:

• The quantity of the ingredients depend upon your hair length, density and other factors.

• I don’t suggest you to store it. Since it’s super easy to do, make fresh whenever needed.

• Use plastic container and spoon to avoid any reaction.

That’s all about DIY Hair Mask for Shiny & Smooth Hair. I totally swear by this amazing hair mask.

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “DIY Hair Mask for Shiny & Smooth Hair

  1. Hi, is it possible to use any other oil. I cannot stand the smell of mustard oil.
    I like coconut oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Argan oil.
    Nicky dhillion

    1. You can go according to your preference. Each one has its own pros. Even I don’t like mustard oil’s smell! But it works good for me.

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