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DIY Coffee Lip Scrub For Soft & Plump Lips – 3 Ingredients Only

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

Hey you! Today I am sharing a super simple DIY lip scrub that you can make at your home in a jiffy. To prepare this lip scrub, you will need just three ingredients and the interesting part is that, you will surely find them in your kitchen. So let us talk more about DIY Coffee Lip Scrub for Soft and Plump Lips.

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DIY Coffee Lip Scrub for Soft and Plump Lips – 3 Ingredients Only

No need to make extravagant buys at the beauty stores or online sites. The performance can easily be seen on your lips. Isn’t it awesome? If your answer is yes, then keep reading because you are about to find the details such as how-to, swatches and lots more.

DIY Easy Coffee Lip Scrub


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What Do You Need & Why Do You Need Them?

DIY Coffee Lip Scrub for Soft and Plump Lips

1. Coarsely Grounded Coffee: I am using coarsely grounded coffee as the defoliating agent for my lip scrub. Anti-oxidant rich coffee has gazillions of beauty benefits including skin lightening benefits. That is why I prefer coffee for lips as it helps to de-pigment dark lips.

I have kept the grain size medium to scrub off the dead cells from my lips without irritating the delicate area.

2. Honey: Honey is a natural nourishing agent which contains lots of natural anti-oxidants. This ingredient helps the skin to stay moisturized as it is an organic humectant. It traps moisture from the air and helps to plump up the lips.

Raw honey is the best choice for this DIY coffee lip scrub. But it is not available in my home so, I am using processed honey.

3. Oil: Oil will provide a protective barrier to shield the hydration you get to your lips via honey. I am using vegetable oil as it does not have any particular smell to cover up the rich aroma of coffee. But you can use any edible oil such coconut oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, almond oil, etc. It will serve the purpose. You can use butter or ghee as well.

DIY Coffee Lip Scrub

1. Take 1 tablespoon coffee in a bowl.

DIY Coffee Lip Scrub for Soft and Plump Lip

2. Add ΒΌ tablespoon honey to it and mix.

DIY Coffee Lip Scrub for Soft lips

3. Finally, add Β½ tablespoon oil and give it a good stir. Store in an air-tight container.

How to Use?

DIY Coffee Lip Scrub Swatch

1. Wet your lips with lukewarm water and gently pat it dry.

2. Take 2 pinches of lip scrub and spread it over your lips.

3. Using gentle rubbing motion of your fingertips exfoliate the lips for 2 minutes.

4. Use lukewarm water to remove the scrub.

5. Moisturize your pouts when they are slightly wet.

For best results repeat the defoliating routine one every 2-3 days.

Bonus Tips:

1. You will be able to see optimal results if you soften the dead cells of your lips by intense moisturizing prior to scrubbing.

2. Be gentle while scrubbing or you may have bruised lips.

3. As the coffee grains get dissolved in water very easily, do not expose the lip scrub to moisture.

So, that is all about my Coffee Lip Scrub. Make this at home and enjoy super soft and luscious lips.
Have you got any favourite lip softening DIY? Share with us in the comments.

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DIY Coffee Lip Scrub 3 ingredients only


14 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Lip Scrub For Soft & Plump Lips – 3 Ingredients Only

    1. You can store it for few days if refrigerated. I’ll recommend you to prepare fresh batch whenever possible,for hygiene purpose and to be on safer side! πŸ™‚

  1. This sounds fab I’m going to make this lips have been so dry for weeks.i hope this works

  2. Same! My lips are almost always dry and I need to moisturise them all throughout the day.
    I drink water but it doesn’t seem to be helping..

  3. Hastily i forgot to add oil. I read it in a hurry and went to try it quickly i only used honey and ground coffee and it worked instantly like for 30 seconds i could no longer feel the dead skin that were on my lips it became smoother and plumped. When i was about to write the comment I then saw that i were supposed to add oil too. But nevertheless it worked for me with only honey and ground coffee. Thumbs up for this one.

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