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Clean & Clear Fairness Cream Review & Swatch

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2020)

Hi JD Fam! Today’s post is all about Clean & Clear Fairness Cream review. I know many of you are not into ‘fairness’ providing products. I am also not a believer of complexion correction and anything related to it. I am quite happy with my complexion and I am fully aware of the use of harmful chemicals and side effects in ‘fairness’ products.

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream Review & Swatch

My skin has been very acne-prone since my teen years. Those big pimples left a number of marks on my skin. I rely majorly on homemade face packs but I have a close cousin’s wedding to attend in a few months. My current skin situation left me no choice other than try out something store-bought.

Sadly, most pigmentation removal products in India are comedogenic in nature. They bring about more pimples in place of curing the marks. This Clean & Clear product was the only budget product that promised to be non pore-clogging. So, I opted for this one. Let’s read on to know how it fared for me.

Product Name: Clean & Clear Fairness Cream

Price & Quantity: It is priced at Rs. 65 for 20 gm. You can buy on Amazon here.

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream

Availability: This cream is available both online and offline. Offline includes beauty stores, leading departmental stores and chemist shops while online includes various e-commerce websites.

Packaging & Appearance: This Clean & Clear fairness cream comes in a fuchsia coloured plastic tube with a see-through screw cap. Both the tube and the cap are quality wise quite good. Naturally the packaging becomes quite sturdy and travel-safe.

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream how to use

The tube resides with a pink cardboard box. The box as well as the tube mentions all the necessary information regarding the product inside; its benefits, usage details etc.

The packaging, in my opinion, is very nice and chic which becomes a huge plus point for a ‘nice-packaging-lover’ like me! This cream is white in colour and its consistency is medium. It is neither too thick and creamy nor too light.

Smell: The fragrance of this cream is powdery floral. The smell is quite mild and not long-staying. Even the sensitive nosed girls would not disapprove of such a girly fragrance. I am quite happy with how it smells.

Swatch: See in the image below.

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream Swatch

My Experience: I am using this cream for 4-5 weeks now. I was worried for any side effects and how would it suit my oily to combination skin. I apply it twice a day immediately after washing my face with a gel based facial cleanser. I am not using a face toner these days to see how this cream works alone.

I have oily-to-combination skin and I tend to go overboard with my purifying face wash often. It results in stretchy feeling face. This cream provides enough moisturization so that the stretchy feeling is gone but the skin does not get all shiny.

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream Review

This oil-free feeling lasts about 3 hours; after that the oiliness problem starts bouncing back again. The same thing happens when I use my regular moisturizer. So, I cannot blame this cream.

My face has a tendency to form small zits of blocked pores whenever I apply some pore clogging skin care or makeup product. I did not see those zits in my face after applying Clean & Clear Fairness cream for over a month (I stopped applying any other pore-clogging product for this testing time). That makes me say, this product is non-comedogenic as the brand claimed.

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cream - Does it work

Clean & Clear Fairness cream gives an instant brightening effect. I am gaining lots of complement these days for that! Plus the main purpose of getting this cream is getting fulfilled as well. After 2 weeks of regular application, my old acne marks looks faded a tiny bit.

After 2 more weeks the progress is more visible. However, the overall complexion remains the same. So, I can conclude that the claims the brand made with this product are all true.


  1. Brightens face
    2. Fades my old acne marks
    3. Does not clog pores
    4. Provides perfect amount of moisturization
    5. Keeps my face oil-free for about 3 hours
    6. Smells good
    7. Pocket-friendly


The 20 gm pack does not mention the full ingredient list. It is present only in the 40 gm tube.

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 4.75/5 (Performance wise)

Will I Repurchase?

Yes! I am already planning to get the bigger tube (the 40gm tube) because I just love how this cream is helping my old acne marks to fade.

Do I Recommend?

Yes again! I would recommend this cream to everyone who want a non-comedogenic tan-removal or marks-removal cream.

Overall Summary: Clean & Clear Fairness Cream is a budget-friendly, oil-free and non-comedogenic cream enriched with cherry that helps to fade pimple marks and provides instant glow to the skin. It worked pretty amazing for me!

So, that’s all about Clean & Clear cream. Have you tried this? What is your favourite marks-removal product? Share with our readers in the comments below! 😀

~ S. Ganguly

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