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The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning & Firming Scrub Review

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2018)

​Hi guys! Today’s post is all about The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning & Firming scrub review. I saw this scrub in The Body Shop stores many time but didn’t purchase because of the price.  But finally I gave into my temptation and ordered it online.  So here I am going to be sharing my experience and how it did work for me. If you are contemplating on getting The Body Shop Spa Fit scrub, you’re at the right place!

The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning & Firming Scrub Review

Product Name: The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning & Firming Scrub

Price & Quantity: It retails for Rs. 2495 for 200 ml of product.

Availability: Easily available online as well as across stores

Shelf Life: Use within 12 months once opened.

Smell: As the name suggests, it has a fruity fragrance to it, kind of citrus aroma. It’s very similar to the DIY orange scrub I make at home!

Ingredients: I actually ruined the leaflet which had the ingredient list. Oops. So kindly checkout their official website for the same.

The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning & Firming Scrub

Packaging and Appearance: It comes in a plastic tub with a locking mechanism. Has a nice hint of popping yellow colored lid. Attractive packaging, I must say.

The Body Shop Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Scrub

Inside is the body scrub which is also kind of golden yellowish with granular particles. It has a medium consistency, kind of like fruit pulp. Although it secures tightly, I’ll not prefer to take it with me during traveling.

Swatch: In the image below.

The Body Shop Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Swatch

Claims: It claims to instantly improve your skin appearance and texture.

How to use?

I use it once or at most twice in a fortnight. Little bit goes a long way! I prefer to use it before bathing as it makes things easier.

1. Take a little bit of the scrub and massage on to your body.
2. It becomes white. You can add water and massage gently for around 10 minutes.
3. I like to keep it on for some time, before finally washing it off. Finally pat dry yourself.
4. To seal in the supple and smoothness, I prefer to instantly apply Vaseline Moisturizer Spray.

My Experience: First thing first, it’s expensive! I mean almost 2500 bucks for a body scrub? For this very reason, it has been in and out of my cart multiple time. I also checked it out in The Body Shop stores but nah, didn’t buy it. The sales-girl wasn’t able to convince me, although she tried. If you’re reading this The Body Shop, you need to up your store game, lol just kidding!

The Body Shop Spa Fit scrub

Anyway, I finally bought it and hence this review. My first concern was the price as I talked already. Next was the quantity. Good part is that a little goes a long way and it’s absolutely true for this baby. You need a little amount and it is enough for both of my hands. Also, depending upon your usage, you can make this body scrub last a little longer!

Finally, let’s talk about their super claims. Instantly improving texture and appearance, of course it’s hyped is what I thought as let’s be real guys, nothing works instantly in skincare world. But guess what, Body Shop Spa Fit Toning & Firming Scrub does!

I used it on my right arm and was super impressed by the result. It was hell smooth and kind of supple. So yes, it did improve my skin texture. I just kept running my hands over it, lol it was fun, like they do show in the advertorials. I also asked my mom, sister and best friend to touch my both hands and let me know which one is smooth.

The Body Shop Spa Fit scrub review

They said right one is smooth but the left one is rough. As I was already expecting this answer, so I was chill but it made me ponder. Actually guys, I tend to skip body exfoliation as I’m always being lazy. So obviously I had a good share of dead skin cell and other gunk, which was taken well care of by The Body Shop Spa Fit Scrub.

My sister has body exfoliation as a part of her body care regime. But the smoothness was there for her as well when she I asked her to try it. The smoothness reminds me of the Loccitane shower gel.

Needless to say, I’m loving it but I’ll switch it with the DIY body scrub at times! Also, it contains caffeine. Here is a caffeine induced lip scrub which is one of the reader’s favorite.


1. Improves skin texture
2. Refreshing fruity fragrance treat
3. Works well as a exfoliator
4. Therapeutic and relaxing
5. Little quantity goes a long way
6. Contains cent percent natural origin citrus &  caffeine ingredients


1. Expensive
2. Tub packaging; not travel friendly & unhygienic

Jhalli Diva Verdict: 4/5 I absolutely love it but -1 for the price as it is not on my budget. But I love Body Shop and know what their pricing range is. Still, it’s not in my budget, so yea.

Do I Recommend?

Absolutely girl! Go for it. Best if you can get it on a sale or something. You’ll surely love it.

Will I Repurchase?

This will last me a few months. After that,  maybe not. I’ll like to try other body scrub I guess. But if it’s on a discount, I may grab it. Who knows?!

Overall Summary: My final thoughts, if you can afford it, get it. I feel your skin deserves loads of pampering and ABC is what you need. We always tend to skip body care. I may happily buy a lipstick for 2500 but still think twice for a skincare. My excuse is I can DIY it. Of course I can but ready-made stuff pampering is also good. What I’m trying to say is don’t think you’re investing bucks in a body scrub but yourself.

Would love to know your thoughts. So share it with me in the comments below.

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~ Aisha

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  1. Nice and honest review. Its definitely so expensive for a body scrub. There are lot of good body scrubs nowadays from natural brands. But if its really so effective, I would like to try it once…

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