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Testing DIY Blackhead Removal Strips – Does It Actually Work

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

Blackhead is the most annoying thing in the world. Why? Because no matter what you do, they pop up back right on to your face, literally. I repeat, no matter what. But I keep on trying different blackhead removal techniques.

Testing DIY Blackhead Removal Peel Off – Does It Actually Work?

I’ve combination skin which tends to get oily at times and blackheads pop up along nose and around. I actually watched Huda from Huda Beauty trying this trick to get rid of blackhead.

DIY blackhead removal

So, I thought of giving this blackhead removal trick a try and here I’m sharing how it turned out for me. PS: Before drawing any conclusion and deciding to whether try it or not, do read how it fairs for me, you can skip directly to the end part for result.

Blackhead Suction Tool

Other methods which I prefer for blackhead removal include these blackheads pore strips (hassle free) and this Blackhead Suction Vacuum. The suction tool deep cleanses my skin, and is perfect for immediate outings, especially when I’m short on time!


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Next is the DIY Blackhead Strip. This suggests that you can actually make your own pore strips instead of wasting money on expensive scrubs and strips.

DIY blackhead removal peel off

I was a bit reluctant in trying out but then I did a little research, because you see, I fear breakout too. Let’s get started.

What Do You Need?

• White Glue
• Paper Towel / Napkin / Tissue

DIY blackhead removal mask

Why do you need it?

White Glue – You can take any white glue but it’s preferable to opt for a non toxic one such as Elmer’s glue.

Paper Towel –It is optional and you can skip it too. I’ve tried the peel off with as well as without paper towel. It works equally same either way.

The only difference is that you can notice the filth and residue better on white tissue.

How To?

Elmer’s glue come with the dropper. So I use it to apply directly on to the blackhead prone areas. (Yup lazy me!) You can also use flat brush for application.

Make sure it spreads evenly and isn’t too thick or thin. It starts to dry quickly. If you want to use paper towel, apply it on to the glue before it dries out.

If you’re going for tissue method, then you can add another layer of glue, followed by more paper towels to form a thick peel off.

Wait for about 15 minutes or til it hardens. If you’re using only glue, you will notice that the white color is fading off and it is converting into transparent layer.

When you think it’s done, time to rip it off like there’s no tomorrow. NO. Don’t be harsh and do this gently. It pains but not much, almost negligible or maybe you get used to it and it doesn’t feel that painful. But it does pain.

How Did It Work For Me?

I’m going to be straight to point and not beat around the bush. IT WORKS! Yup yup yup it does work. BUT (as always there is a but), it didn’t clear out all the blackheads at once. So I had to repeat it.

DIY blackhead removal strips

It removed all the filth and gross along some blackheads. My nose was much clean and smooth. I also applied a bit on both of my cheeks as you can see in the picture.

And if you’re like me and end up using any white glue which ain’t non toxic, then be ready to embrace breakouts. I used a regular white glue once (only once) and I had those tiny red bumps all over my cheeks. It looked pretty horrible.

Basically, you can expect your little (unwanted) guest to be back. Now, I don’t know about you, but I do notice their reappearance (read: grand re-entry) after around 3 to 4 weeks maximum.

PS: To keep blackheads or whiteheads from coming, I do follow lot of rituals. Some of these are using salicylic face wash, blotting, drinking lots of water, etc. I’ll cover the details in another post and will share the link here.

It’s as equally important to prevent blackheads from coming back as getting rid of them in first place. Else you’ll notice their reappearance way too quick.

Some Tips Before You Try:

• Do a patch test before using any ingredient.

• Don’t keep on repeating it if you have sensitive skin.

• Use a non toxic glue.

So that’s all about my experience with DIY blackhead strip. Next, I would love to try the other famous DIY Egg White Peel Off and Gelatin one to test how it work for me.

That’s all about my blackhead regime for now. Make sure to subscribe to blog for updates and more such DIY. And I’ll see you soon!

Until next time,

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