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Being Jhalli – 5 Weird WTF Facts About Me

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2017)

Before getting started with today’s post, I want to tell that I’ve started this new column called Being Jhalli. Here I’ll be sharing my personal opinions and encounters. And my topic for Being Jhalli – Part 1 is 5 weirdly WTF facts about me.

Weird Fun Facts About Me

I am going to be sharing 5 weird facts about me with you. Now, I really don’t know why would anyone be interested in knowing these weird facts. But it helps to connect on a personal level.

The whole idea behind this post is that no one is perfect and everyone has some of those pretty weird habits. From your favourite superhero to supermodels, no one is perfect. Nada! Instead of trying to be perfect, you should embrace how you’re.

Cutting the lecture and heading right into the post!

1.This is seriously the most embarrassing one to admit. But here it goes. I joined YouTube just to say – ‘Give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe for more’.

I liked other YouTubers saying it and made a whole channel for that. After saying it, abandoned the channel like a pro. But I do see myself taking YouTube seriously, in a decade or so!

Weird Fun Facts About Me - Being Jhalli

2. Hailing from Punjab, I have this super weird habit of saying “Ainvayi” to every damn thing. It’s like my desi whatever.

Another word which I use a lot is Jhalli. To me every other person is Jhalli or jhalla, for that matter. And that’s from where the Blog name originated.

3. Everyone loves social media, right? I feel I’m the only person who doesn’t! I fail miserably at keeping my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Roposo updated.

It’s like a huge task for me. Though I like blogging and it’s never a burden. Touchwood!

Weird Fun Facts About Me - Being Jhalli

4. Another weird fact, courtesy social media! I don’t get all the hype around sharing your ‘Location’, ‘Time’ and ‘Plans’ to the world. Influencers do that and it’s fine to an extent.

But disclosing all over internet isn’t the smartest thing to do. Guess that’s why this generation isn’t the smartest!

At times, I do share too but it should be in a certain privacy.

5. This one is good! I start shopping from men section, followed by children and finally women department. This saves so much of money and time.

And not to forget, you get more creative and amazing pieces there. Same white shirt at women’s side is heck more than men’s section!

6. Yeah, let me add 1 more. Talking about shopping, I’m more of a street shopper than malls. You can bargain shamelessly and the price is Oo La La!

Malls are good too but I’m a student and a thrifty blogger. So, it’s not my ideal pick until the bill is on you!

I’m wrapping it right here. But much more to come in #BeingJhalli column. So yeah, be around.

Weird Fun Facts About Me Being Jhalli

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  1. This is a very entertaining post! We do share a couple of habits in your list Aisha.. 🙂

  2. Wow! that’s a fun post Aisha. Not only did i enjoy the post but also loved your blog’s name. Besides, when it comes to social media and shopping, I am just like you so you don’t need to feel alone at all. 😛

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