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Do you know how happy I’m to see you here? No. Not on the blog but right here, where you wanna know who is actually behind Jhalli Diva and yep I hear you what actually is JHALLI?!

About Jhalli Diva:

For the uninitiated, Jhalli is an Indian / Punjabi slang which means crazy, clumsy, stupid, carefree – all in one! So here I’m correlating Jhalli & Diva! 😉

A ‘desi’ touch in the name itself, Jhalli Diva, here you’ll find all your queries related to Beauty & Style sorted in a quirky way. 😉

Jhalli Diva’s USP:

Here on Jhalli Diva, my main focus is beauty & style on a budget. I am a proud frugal blogger.

Being a student is hard, especially when you have limited money! Don’t feel out of place, I’m just like you, kind of broke blogger even if I say so myself.

While eyeing a piece, my mind starts sketching numerous ways to style it! I firmly believe that fashion necessarily doesn’t mean expensive. You can rock fashion & beauty thriftily. And here on Jhalli Diva, I show you how!

If you’re not done yet and still wanna know the crazy me. Please continue!


I’m Aisha, 21, a student by unwanted means, blogger & influencer by passion based in Chandigarh, India.

Few words that describe me best – Saggitarian, optimistic, cheerful & sarcastic!

Keep  in touch:

This blog is regularly updated. If you want me to post about something in particular or have any request, feel free to mail at –

aisha(at)jhallidiva(dot)com or contact here.

Your views, suggestions, thoughts and feelings are always welcomed. Do drop them in.

Say whaaat? We’re Hiring! Come and join me to be a part of Jhalli Diva FAM.

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