Welcome to Jhalli Diva! Do you know how happy I’m to see you here? No. Not on the blog but right here, where you wanna know who is actually behind Jhalli Diva and yep I hear you, JHALLI?!

About Jhalli Diva: Jhalli Diva is an Indian beauty, makeup and personal style blog. A desi touch in the name itself, Jhalli Diva, here you’ll find all your queries related to Beauty & Style sorted in a quirky way.

For the uninitiated, Jhalli is an Indian/Punjabi slang which means crazy, clumsy, stupid, carefree – all in one! So here I’m correlating Jhalli & Diva!

Makeup made easy!

Thanks to internet and specifically Instagram, you can find certain rules of makeup. BS! Personally, I feel makeup is what makes you happy and confident about yourself. You need not be scared of contouring or baking. Or even follow certain norms, by the self proclaimed, beauty gurus!

Jhalli Diva is your go-to ‘makeup made easy’ online hub. Come here with a mug of coffee, or chai if you’re like me and explore through the reviews, hauls, makeup and other joys!

Day to Night Casual Outfit Maxi Dress

We all are no professional makeup artist and that is what makes us unique. All of us are someone different – student, office goer, mom and what not, but we all share the passion of beauty, makeup and self-love . This is why you and I are here. And this is exactly what Jhalli Diva is all about.

About me: I’m Aisha, 21, a student by unwanted means, blogger by passion currently based in Chandigarh, India. A good cuppa chai and beauty stash can instantly revive me anytime!

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This blog is regularly updated. If you want me to post about something in particular or have any request, feel free to mail at – jhalli(dot)diva(at)gmail(dot)com or contact here.

Your views, suggestions, thoughts and feelings are always welcomed. Do drop them in.

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