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10 Genius Foundation Makeup Hacks – Get Makeup Game Strong

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

Will you be agreeing if I say that makeup can be haunting at times? You should know how to fix your makeup all by yourself. Though it can actually be easy than you think, all thanks to the amazing makeup tips and tricks aka foundation makeup hacks. Makeup hacks are the cheats or tips which help you get your work done fast and perfect. Today I’m sharing 10 Genius Foundation Makeup Hacks to get your Makeup Game Strong. So, the next time you get a makeup emergency (we all do!), you’re covered.

If your foundation makeup isn’t right, you would end up with a cake-y baked look which is sadly quite horrifying.

Here I’m compiling a list of 10 Genius Foundation Makeup Hacks for an easy guidance to achieve a flawless finish.

I’ve also covered few essential foundation tricks for oily skin. Are you listening, oily skinned beauties?

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

1. Don’t skip primers: It helps the makeup to stay better and longer.

Also it acts a base for your foundation. So don’t skip it. You can always try Nivea After Shave Balm as an affordable primer! 😉

2. How to choose the perfect foundation?
Choosing a right type of foundation makeup can be tricky. It’s advised to select foundation according to the weather.

foundation makeup hacks

Also it depends upon where are you heading to. Will you be under the sun or somewhere partying? You need to differentiate and make choices.

3. What to do with too light foundation?
Got a lighter shade or darker? No worries! Nope, you needn’t throw it away.

You can always mix and match to come up with your own perfect shade. Mix the light shade with a bit dark one to damper the color or vice versa.

4. How to choose the perfect & correct makeup foundation shade? How many times have you asked this? Whenever a new foundation is launched, I’ve this darting the board to do! Many times, you’ll end up with wrong shades.

Next time, make sure to test your foundation makeup on the lower side of your jaw/neck area and not your hands. Promise? Better!

5. Thick foundation?
If the consistency of your foundation isn’t right, then try this easy trick. Add a little amount of your favourite moisturizer (as per your skin type) to the foundation and you’re good to go.

foundation makeup hacks

Moreover the added moisturizer would only result in hydrating your skin. 😀

6. Foundation fading?
Foundation fades way too fast? Probably you’re not priming your face! Always prime your base before applying foundation.

If you’re priming and still it’s fading, you need to invest in a better foundation, girl.

7. Not getting right coverage?
You’re using the right shade of a good brand which works for almost everyone but not you? I can feel you. Don’t fret, ha!

Here’s probably what you’re doing wrong. Try to use correct makeup tools. By makeup tools, I mean please use correct foundation brush. Yes, it matters. Really matters ALOT. Period.

The right foundation brush is actually what you need. Checkout this image to know all about makeup brushes and foundation brush in particular.

Save it, pin it, share it! Remember, makeup game strong.

foundation brush

8. Check in natural light: Always check the foundation in the sunlight as it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can get the actual shade only in natural light and not the artificial shop one.

Spending your money and later discovering a wrong shade isn’t awesome. Duh!

9. How to apply perfect foundation?
Start from centre area of your face, narrowing to sides for a perfect flawless look.

10 foundation makeup

Test the right shade of the foundation makeup on your jawline, not on cheeks.

10. Always Stroke Downwards: This prevents the hairs from being noticeable as you’re stroking in their direction.

Foundation hacks for flawless makeup

Have you tried any of these foundation makeup tips and tricks aka makeup hacks? What is your go to foundation makeup hack?

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  1. Love the tips! For more coverage I use a dense flat head foundation brush and instead of buffing my foundation, I pat until blended. It does take a little more time, but the outcome is amazing (:

  2. My beauty hack is in case if the foundation looks cakey, then spray some rose water and blend/press it using damp beauty blender/sponge

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